Heads up!Tickets can be purchased on the day at the entrance. There are online discounts when you pre-book 24 hours before arrival. The Lost World Playbarn requires you to wear (minimum) a sleeved t-shirt (no vest tops), knee length shorts and a pair of socks to ride the slides. Please read the 'What's Open' page for more details about what is available when you visit!

Knockhatch Holiday Camps

Adventure, Ringo & Play!

We are excited for the Knockhatch Ski & Adventure Summer Camps

Sportitude Holiday CampsCamps offer a range of activities including: Sports, Ski, Adventure & Play!Open to all children aged 4-16.


Week 1: 15th - 18th August - Fully Booked!
WeeK 2: 22nd - 25th August -
Fully Booked!
Week 3: 29th August - 1st September - Fully Booked!


10.00am - 4.00pm

Who is running the camp?

The holiday camp will be run in collaboration with Sportitude Ltd, a sports coaching and activity club provider who have been working in local schools for the past decade

What will happen every day?

Join us for the ultimate holiday camp. Head to the slopes for a skiing lesson and fun on the Ringo's. Then into Knockhatch Adventure Park where we will enjoy a selection of the activities on offer. A healthy lunch will be provided along with healthy snacks.

We think the holiday camp offers great value for money!

Where else can your children learn new skills, see our animals & slide down the Ringo's Slope!


Knockhatch Holiday Camp Terms and Conditions


  • The camp has a daily capacity of 48 children. All bookings will be taken on a first come, first served basis.
  • Bookings can only be made through the dedicated booking site. We cannot accept bookings in person at the entrance, nor can we offer any form of credit or delayed payment.
  • Bookings will only be confirmed once the full payment has been made.
  • Bookings will only be confirmed if all the information requested in the booking process, such as emergency contact details and any medical requirements, has been provided.
  • We do not accept any form of voucher such as Childcare Vouchers or Tesco Clubcard. Credit notes issued by Knockhatch, cannot be redeemed against the Holiday Club.
  • Bookings that are cancelled through any other reason than a medical emergency, will not be refunded. This also applies to no-shows.
  • Bookings that cannot be attended through a medical emergency, will be refunded upon receipt of a doctor’s letter.
  • We reserve the right to refuse or cancel bookings. In this case, you will be informed by email and your payment refunded in full.
  • You agree to provide us with 2 emergency contact numbers at time of booking of adults who are either the parent/carer, or another suitable adult that you trust.

Preparation for the Day.

  • Children are required to bring a packed lunch, a named refillable water bottle and a selection of snacks such as fruit, biscuits etc. The Holiday Camp will not be able to provide lunches.
  • Please ensure that your child’s lunch/snacks do not include any nuts.
  • Should any child attend without a packed lunch, we will provide them with an emergency “picnic bag” and you will be invoiced £10.
  • Children should arrive in clothing that is appropriate for an active day and takes into consideration the weather forecast. We recommend loose fitting, comfortable sportswear, and trainers.
  • We further advise that children bring a spare set of clothes and trainers just in case.
  • On days that are forecast to be particularly hot, please ensure your child has a hat and sun cream. Please note that we cannot supply, nor apply sun cream.
  • Children should not bring cash or valuables; we cannot be held responsible for lost personal possessions.
  • We recommend that participants do not bring mobile phones. We will not accept responsibility for any damage or loss. Children will not be allowed to have their phone on their person during any of the activities.


  • The dedicated drop-off zone will be clearly sign-posted as you arrive at the park.
  • Children must be dropped off by a responsible adult and signed in.
  • At this point, an activities leader will confirm any medical requirements, that your child is not carrying any cash or valuables.
  • Drop-off times are FROM the earliest time you have booked. For example, if your child is booked into the 10-4 session, we will not be able to take custody of them before 10, for insurance reasons.
  • The drop off zone will be manned until 1030. Any arrivals after this, should call the dedicated camp phone number and a member of staff will meet you at the main park entrance.

Extended Hours

  • During the extended childcare provision hours (9-10, 4-5) children will be supervised in one of our indoor facilities, where their will be a variety of activities such as arts, reading and board games.
  • We will not be permitted, due to insurance and park opening hours, to use any of park’s facilities or attractions during extended care hours.

Afternoon Park Session

  • The afternoon park session will involve groups of no more than 8 children moving around a selection of attractions with their dedicated group leader.
  • We cannot guarantee which attractions will be visited, nor be able to give this information in advance as it depends on which facilities are open, particularly busy, and how many groups the camp has on a particular day.
  • We will not be using any of the premium attractions which incur an extra charge such as the Go-Karts.
  • For insurance reasons, we will not be using the rowing lake.
  • We will not be using any attraction where a child would need swimming clothes to participate.


  • We expect all children (and adults during drop-off and collection) to be respectful to our staff and each other. It is our absolute priority that all participants and staff feel safe at the camp.
  • We will not tolerate abusive or aggressive language or conduct.
  • We will not tolerate bullying, intimidation, or discrimination of any form.
  • We expect that all participants follow the rules and instructions set out by their group leader(s).
  • We expect that all participants treat the park facilities, circus apparatus, sports equipment, and the personal property of other participants with care.

Consequences of Poor Conduct/Rule Breaking

  • We will operate a 3-strike policy regarding breaches of the conduct rules, where said breaches are considered minor.
  • If a serious breach of the conduct rules occurs, we reserve the right to exclude that participant immediately without using the 3-strike system.
  • Serious breaches include, but are not limited to, theft, intentionally damaging park property, racist/discriminatory language, bullying, intentionally hurting another participant or staff member and absconding from their group.
  • If a child needs to be excluded from their group due to their conduct becoming dangerous, a senior manager will use their discretion regarding the next steps. In these circumstances, we will contact the parent/carer to discuss how to manage the situation. Although we reserve the right to ask for the child to be collected immediately in the most serious circumstances.
  • When a child is excluded from the camp, no refunds will be issued, and we reserve the right to cancel any further bookings and/or reject any future ones. However, we will only take these measures after consultation with parents/carers.


  • Collections will be in the same zone as the morning drop-offs. This will be clearly signposted.
  • Children will be escorted to the zone 15 minutes before their collection time.
  • In the event of a parent/carer needing to collect their child early, you can contact the team via our dedicated phone number and a group leader will meet you at the park’s front entrance with your child.
  • If you are late collecting your child, you will incur a charge of £5 for every 15 minutes, or part thereof. Our staff will use their discretion should your reason for being late be deemed beyond your control.
  • If you are more than 20 minutes late, we will attempt to call you using your emergency contact numbers.
  • At the point any parent/carer is an hour late, and we have exhausted all methods of trying to contact you, we will call 101 to report this to the police, in line with our welfare policy.


  • The Holiday Camp terms and conditions do not supersede those stated by Knockhatch or the East Sussex School of Circus Arts.
  • We reserve the right to change the order/content of any day’s activities where weather conditions, park facility closures or any unforeseen circumstances make the original plans impossible.
  • We reserve the right to make changes to our terms and conditions at 24 hours’ notice. Where this is the case, we will inform you by email.