Heads up!We are closed inline with Government restrictions. See the 'Know Before You Go' page below for more details...

Know Before You Go

Knockhatch Adventure Park is open until 5.30pm on Wednesday 4th November!

On Thursday 5th November we will be closing inline with Government guidelines.

Pre-booked tickets

All pre-booked day tickets will have their tickets automatically cancelled and refunded.

Annual Pass Holders

All Annual Pass holders will have their memberships automatically extended for the length of time we are closed for.

Meerkat Experiences, Owl Experiences and Animal Keeper Experiences

All experiences which have been booked will be contacted and have their experience postponed.

The team are so grateful for your patience and support for our family business during these unprecedented times.

Here is our video explaining the measures we have implemented at Knockhatch Adventure Park

  • pre-booking tickets
  • parking
  • wash stations
  • keep left & give way!

We hope you enjoy your visit during the 'new normal'.

Planning your visit

How to book tickets

We are following Government guidelines and limiting numbers into the Park. Therefore, everyone wishing to visit, including Annual Pass Holders will need to book their ticket/s online in advance. You will have to choose a time slot to arrive in. Annual Pass Holders will be asked to type in their Annual Pass number to forfeit the payment. This is for the safety of yourselves, other visitors and our team, and we hope this will only be a temporary measure. Tickets will NOT be available to purchase at the gate. If you miss your time slot then you may not be able to enter. If the Park is forced to closed due to Government restrictions then all day tickets that have been pre-booked will be refunded. We will do this automatically. To make a booking click here.

Entrance for pre-booked tickets and Annual Pass members will be via the front entrance, everyone using the same entrances. There will be staff guiding customers and social distancing floor markers to indicate where to stand while waiting to get in.

To re-enter the Park, you will need to request a wristband from a staff member on your way out through the Gift Shop.

Annual Pass Holders

All Annual Pass holders had their expiry dates ‘paused' from 21st March 2020.

From Thursday 16th July 2020 your membership/s will automatically have 117 days added onto the end of your expiry date (the length of time which we have been closed). You can work out your new expiry date by adding 117 days onto the expiry date displayed on the front of your membership card. We will not be issuing new cards until the time your membership is due for renewal and therefore the expiry date on the card will be incorrect for a period of time.

If your Annual Pass expired from the 13th January 2020 onwards then you can still renew using the 20% renewal discount. The renewal discounted will be valid from Thursday 16th July 2020 to Sunday 13th September 2020 (60 days). You can purchase a new Annual Pass from 2pm onwards at the entrance or by calling us on 01323 442051.

Can we meet in groups?

In line with Government guidelines we will not be able to offer group bookings.

Rule of Six

From Monday 14 September, you must not meet with people from other households socially in groups of more than 6. This will apply indoors and outdoors, including in private homes. This change will simplify and clarify the rules on social gatherings, so they are easier to understand and easier for the police to enforce. There will be a limited number of exemptions. COVID-19 Secure venues, such as places of worship, restaurants and hospitality venues, can still host larger numbers in total but groups of up to 6 must not mix or form larger groups. This rule will not apply to individual households or support bubbles of more than 6 who will still be able to gather together. From Monday 14th September, this limit will be enforceable in law.

What will be open?

Due to current Government restrictions unfortunately some of our attractions, food outlets and toilets must stay closed. A full list of which attractions, outlets and toilets are open and closed, can be found at the bottom of this page.

Payments, card or cash?

We recently surveyed our Annual Pass Holders and asked whether they would be happy to support Knockhatch becoming "cashless". We had a fantastic response and 91% of pass holders said that they would support this. We would, therefore, ask that all customers use contactless payment methods across the Park wherever possible.

Tesco Vouchers and other promotional passes/discounts

Until further notice Tesco Vouchers and other promotional offers/discounts cannot be accepted. If you already have a Tesco Voucher please ask them to extend your voucher here.

Gift Vouchers

If you have a Knockhatch Gift Voucher, that either has expired during lockdown (21st March – 16th July 2020), or in date, please email bookings@knockhatch.com with your contact details and we will book you in.

i-Go & Compass Card Holders

Due to the Governments restrictions all visitors must be pre-booked. Until we are allowed to sell tickets on the gate the i-Go & Compass Card promotional offer has been regrettably suspended.


On Orange Days we will have staff in the car park assisting with parking, but we ask that you park sensibly, with sufficient space between cars, and respect the space of other visitors.

On Green Days we ask that you park sensibly, leaving at least one bay space between cars, and respect the space of other visitors.

How To pre-book Annual Pass Tickets

All tickets (Standard Day Tickets & Annual Pass Tickets) must be pre-booked.

Please select the ticket type as printed on your pass:

Annual Pass Day Ticket

2yrs+ PWDS Annual Pass Day Ticket

2yrs+ PWDS AP + 1 Carer Day Ticket

2yrs+ PWDS AP + 2 Carers Day Ticket

18yrs+ PWDS Carer Day Ticket

Senior Annual Pass Day Ticket

If you have not pre-booked you will not be allowed to enter the Park.

Safety Measures

What additional safety measures will be in place?

We have introduced a number of safety measures around the Park to keep visitors at the Park as safe as possible. These include;

  • Reduced visitor numbers.
  • Cleaning regimes have been increased throughout the Park and at all attractions.
  • The toilet block will be cleaned more regularly according to use/demand and a hand sanitising station will be available for customers to sanitise their hands before and after use.
  • Screens have been added at all till points in use.
  • Increased signage and social distancing measures around the Park.
  • Rather than a one-way system, we will be asking all customers to keep 'left' as you walk around the Park and to give way at junctions.
  • We have added ‘Sanitising stations’ around the Park for self-use.
  • Social Distancing floor marks have been added in all necessary queue areas.
  • Takeaway food and refreshments will be available all day from certain outlets.
  • The Gift Shop will be an exit only until 3pm. Then at 3pm it will be opened for customers to purchase goods. It will be one way. Numbers will be limited. At this time another exit gate will be made available.
  • Staff have attended a full safety training for themselves and customers prior to opening and will wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) where necessary.
  • In line with Government guidelines all indoor attractions and some outdoor attractions will remain closed.
  • We have been awarded the ‘We’re Good to Go’ Industry Standard mark from Visit Britain.
What do we expect our customers to do to help themselves, other visitors and our staff members stay safe?
  • If you are showing any Coronavirus symptoms, please stay at home and call NHS 111.
  • If you show any signs of Coronavirus symptoms while you are at the Park, please inform a member of the management team from the entrance and make your way home and call NHS 111.
  • Please take responsibility for your own social distancing whilst in the Park.
  • Make sure you wash your hands regularly and use the hand sanitiser stations around the Park. We would also advise you bring your own sanitiser with you as well.
  • Prepare your children prior to visiting, so that you and they can help us all to keep the Park safe.
  • Children must be supervised at all times.
  • Adhere to our signage and recommendations with regard to your safety and the safety of our staff.
  • Use contactless payments wherever possible.
  • Refrain from touching fences and keep back at animal enclosures.
  • If an area looks busy, please go and enjoy another attraction and re-visit later in the day.
  • Be patient and kind to our staff, they are as new to all of this as you are. If you have any concerns during your visit, please ask to speak to a member of the management team.
First Aid

We will continue to provide first aid to visitors but we will ask parents/guardians to administer minor first aid to their children themselves. Of course, we will provide the plasters, wipes, ice packs etc… along with guidance and support. Where visitors require assistance with more substantial first aid, our first aiders will be required to wear mask and gloves.

If you show any signs of Coronavirus symptoms while you are at the Park, please inform a member of the management team from the entrance and make your way home and call NHS 119.

By calling 119, members of the public, who don't have online access, can book a coronavirus swab test and ask any questions relating to having a test and getting results. This includes about drive through test sites, mobile test units and home tests. The call centre is open from 7am to 11pm.

Hands. Face. Space.

Washing your hands

While coronavirus is not likely to survive for long periods of time on outdoor surfaces in sunlight, it can live for more than 24 hours in indoor environments. Washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or using hand sanitizer, regularly throughout the day will reduce the risk of catching or passing on the virus.

Covering your face

Coronavirus is carried in the air by tiny respiratory droplets that carry the virus. Larger droplets can land on other people or on surfaces they touch while smaller droplets, called aerosols, can stay in the air indoors for at least 5 minutes, and often much longer if there is no ventilation. Face coverings reduce the dispersion of these droplets, meaning if you’re carrying the virus you’re less likely to spread it when you exhale.

Making space

Transmission of the virus is most likely to happen within 2 metres, with risk increasing exponentially at shorter distances. While keeping this exact distance isn’t always possible, remaining mindful of surroundings and continuing to make space has a powerful impact when it comes to containing the spread.

Will I need to wear a face mask?

In line with Government advice, masks are not obligatory during your visit, but you are of course welcome to wear one. The same applies to our staff.

From Saturday 8th August 2020 the Law requires anybody over the age of 11 to wear a face mask in the Dino Safari Simulator Ride, Gift Shop, Cannon Arena and Dino Wraps and Jackets Cafe.

Traditionally, everyone would exit through the Gift Shop. We now have another exit via the 'entrance'.

For exemptions and more information please visit:


What will be open when you visit?


  • Chair 'o' Plane Ride
  • Chestnut Wood Adventure Playground
  • Children's Farm
  • Dino Safari - New for 2020
  • Enchanted Forest Crazy Golf
  • Froggies Indoor Soft Play - we are limiting numbers into the soft play and setting time slots. Tokens are allocated throughout the day for the sessions and these are collected from Froggies Soft Play Entrance on a first come first serve basis - this means not everyone will be able to enter the soft play when visiting
  • Go Karts - £4.95 per kart per go (closed on Green Days)
  • Jumping Pillows
  • Lost World Playbarn (we are limiting numbers into the barn and setting time slots. Tokens are allocated throughout the day for the sessions and these are collected from the Lost World Playbarn Entrance on a first come first serve basis - this means not everyone will be able to enter the barn when visiting)
  • Mini Diggers - £1.00 per go
  • Mini Quads - £1.00 per go
  • Owl Sanctuary
  • Outdoor Owl Displays
  • Quadapillar Barrel Rides
  • Tommy Tractor Playbarn
  • Tractor Tom Ride
  • Wallaby Walkthrough
  • Zoo Animals

Food & Drink

  • Burger Bar
  • Wrap and Jacket Potato Kiosk
  • All Picnic Areas
  • Jumping Pillow Kiosk (weekend only)


  • Changing Places Toilet
  • Main Outside Toilets
What will be closed when you visit?


  • Animal Encounters am/pm
  • Avalanche Slide
  • Bungee Trampolines
  • Dino Escape
  • Dragon Castle Adventure Playground
  • Dragon Castle High Ropes
  • Dragon Rock Climbing Wall
  • Indoor Owl Show
  • Mini Quads
  • Panning For Fossils
  • Rowing Boat Lake
  • The Cannon Arena
  • Wave Runner Water Slide

Food & Drink

  • Dragon Bites Kiosk
  • Froggies - The Hungry Toad Café
  • The Lost World - Dino Kiosk
  • The Waffle House - Cannon Arena


  • Cannon Arena Toilets

It is important to wash your hands often during your visit to Knockhatch Adventure Park, especially:

  • when you get to Knockhatch Adventure Park or arrive home
  • after you blow your nose, cough or sneeze
  • before you eat or handle food
  • after you touch any of the animals

You should wash your hands for 20 seconds, using soap and water or use the hand sanitiser stations around the Park.