Heads up!We are now partially re-open. TICKETS MUST BE PRE-BOOKED ONLINE TO GAIN ENTRY, INCLUDING ANNUAL PASS MEMBERS. Tickets CANNOT be purchased at the gate. Tickets are available to pre-book online up until Sunday 20th September 2020. See the 'Know Before You Go' page below for more details...

Owl Sanctuary

Open on Orange and Green Days

Our owl sanctuary is the perfect place to see a variety of these magnificent creatures. When you visit the sanctuary, you will be able to learn about these beautiful birds of prey as you get to see them up close.

Owls are not only beautiful to look at, they are also one of natures finest predators. They are uniquely designed to be hunters of the night and they have evolved for survival and success in the wild. Come and learn more about these fascinating birds at the Owl Sanctuary, and you might even catch one of our Owl Shows!

Please note that all children must be accompanied by their parents or responsible adult and Knockhatch Adventure Park reserve the right to refuse admission and change or cancel a show without notice.